Next available dates for Curbside Pick-up are August 8th and August 15th

CURBSIDE ONLY PICK-UP for Online Literature or Merchandise orders will be available between 2:00 and 4:00 PM on Saturday, August 8th and Saturday, August 15th at the SIDE DOOR of the Bronson Centre on the LISGAR STREET SIDE.

Orders for pick-up on August 8th must be placed through the online order form by NOON, August 7th and orders for pick-up on August 15th must be placed by NOON, August 14th.

Please call the office at 613.237.6000 when you arrive. If you don’t have a cell phone, call before you come down and let us know what time to expect you.

Here is the link to the online order form:

Literature & Merchandise-Online Pay and Pick-up Service goes Curbside-July 11th & 18th

CURBSIDE ONLY PICK-UP will be available between 2:00 and 4:00 PM on Saturday, July 11th and Saturday, July 18th at the SIDE DOOR of the Bronson Centre on the LISGAR STREET SIDE.

Orders for pick-up on July 11th must be placed through the online order form by NOON, July 10th and orders for pick-up on July 18th must be placed by NOON, July 17th.

Please call the office at 613.237.6000 when you arrive. If you don’t have a cell phone, call before you come down and let us know what time to expect you.

Here is the link to the online order form:

2020 International Convention Virtual Experience Beginning July 1, 2020

Announcement from the General Service Office

“There is good news as we now have an opportunity to bring together many of the
special components that make International Conventions memorable — by utilizing a
virtual platform. For this purpose, we are planning a 2020 International Convention digital
site. Throughout the month of July, the 2020 International Convention will come alive
online to provide a new experience that includes A.A. speakers; a digital “Carrying the
Message Pavilion”; sharing from nonalcoholic friends of A.A. and special guests linked to
our history; a presentation of the 40 millionth Big Book; a new Archives video on the
history of A.A.; an AA Grapevine video created for the Convention, and more.”

Online Round-Table Discussions Hosted by Area 83 – June 16th and 30th

Click here to view a flyer for two online round-table discussions that will be put on by Area 83.  The two topics are very relevant these days, and both sessions are open to any interested member of Area 83.


June 16: How do we reach out to members missing from our Zoom Meetings?

June 30: How do we safely reopen face-to-face meetings?

Meeting ID and password can be found on the flyer.

*New* Contributions to Ottawa Area Home Groups from Individuals

Click here to visit a new page has been added to provide links for directing online contributions to an individual Group!

The first group to set up their own Paypal contribution link is Vanier Happy Nooners.

For digital basket ideas, including how to set up your own contribution link, like the Happy Nooners group did, this document provides tips on how to get started.

If your group has a bank account with online banking capabilities, you can also consider creating a general group email address to receive etransfers with automatic deposit.

Dealing with trolls in Zoom meetings

From “As Bill Sees It”, page 28:

Troublemakers Can Be Teachers
Few of us are any longer afraid of what any newcomer can do to our A.A. reputation or effectiveness. Those who slip, those with mental twists, those who rebel at the program, those who trade on the A.A. reputation — all such persons seldom harm an A.A. group for long.

If anyone is wondering how to handle potential situations where people may join your online meetings with the intent to disrupt them, here is some information to help you prepare. Having a host and a co-host will allow you to deal with these situations as a team.

Below is an excerpt of an excellent post by Austin R that I read in the Technology in AA Forum where he shares his experience acting as co-host in an online AA Zoom meeting:

Another excellent resource graciously shared by Reagan of Intergroup Association of AA New York is a “Zoom protection guide” complete with screen shots. Click here to download it.

Austin’s post:
Having been a co-host here’s a reflection on what I’ve found to be effective for our meetings (Usually between 20-50 attendees) and what it means to be something of a Zoom Bouncer:

As a co-host, whose job it is to secure our meeting from unsafe attendees and disruptions, we have to basically forego the normal “meeting experience” for something quite different. It’s kind of a tense experience at first- particularly during an attack. But having done it a couple times, it gets easier, and actually kind of fun. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome and unique service position.

Some of my reflections as a “troll bouncer” are below. Love and tolerance, yes, but vigilance and action should be our watchwords during the meetings.

  1. Keep an eye on people who join the meeting.
    a) Look for names that are suspicious or obviously offensive. Some examples of typical troll names might be: “Jack Hoff”, “Richard Hertz”, “Phil Myas”
    b) Look for pictures that are suspicious or obviously offensive.
    c) If meetings have “Virtual Background Enabled” (most of ours do), note that users can play offensive porn videos using this option.
  2. Live people, while actually on camera, can show offensive pictures or do offensive things while their video is playing. Watch for this. However, most of the trolls will wait until they’ve been unmuted and have the spotlight video before they do something truly offensive. Some are very clever and will even begin to share as if they’re a newcomer… so, be careful.
  3. Setting the “Mute on entry” and “Disable users to unmute themselves” options are key if/when trolls arrive. It’s important to communicate to the other members what we’re doing and why. This might be somebody’s first experience with disturbing trolls and/or with having a little bit more restrictions placed on the meeting format.
  4. After a meeting starts, disabling the “allow users to rename” option is helpful. What happens usually when a troll is removed, they’ll rejoin and change their name. This will let you re-kick them.
  5. This is also critical. Having tech-savvy co-hosts on a laptop can make all the difference. A laptop is like 10X more effective scrolling/clicking than on a tablet or phone. If trolls are cut off immediately and relentlessly, they tire quickly. If they get just a little bit of air time, they’ll keep coming back.
  6. Unity, qualified authorities, and perseverance is key. If the co-hosts stay on top of it, the trolls will get annoyed/bored and move on from the meeting. This, unfortunately, might transfer the problem to another meeting. However, if AA as a whole builds up their immune system to this kind of behavior, the bad actors will hopefully move on entirely.

2020 International Convention Cancelled

2020 International Convention, July 2-5, Detroit, Michigan, is Canceled
Announcement by Michele Grinberg, Chair of the General Service Board of A.A.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 International Convention in Detroit, July 2-5.

We know that this is a disappointment to our Fellowship, as every five years we look forward to celebrating sobriety, the Alcoholics Anonymous program of hope and recovery, and meeting dear friends, old and new, from around the world.

Planning for the International Convention started in 2008 when Detroit was chosen to host the 2020 event. From the moment the city was selected, local leaders extended a warm welcome to A.A., and the event was representative of Detroit’s own rebirth as a great convention city. The excitement shown by the A.A. community and the people of the greater Detroit area was seen throughout the 12-year planning process. We experienced a phenomenal response from local A.A. members ready to volunteer and welcome members from all over the world to the International Convention. The appreciation and welcome we received from the Detroit community, including their desire to share the city with the A.A. Fellowship, has been especially warm and overwhelming.

For many weeks, the General Service Board, directors, management team and planning partners for the International Convention have been monitoring the public health announcements in real time as daily life continues to change for every citizen of across the globe.

This is not a decision that is taken lightly. However, because of our numerous concerns related to the health and safety of our attendees, especially if 50,000 of us were to gather in Detroit in early July, we are confident it is the correct decision at this time. It has become clear that proceeding with a Convention of this magnitude in Michigan at that time is an unacceptable safety risk because of the uncertainty of the disease spread and containment. These are unprecedented times, impacting travel possibilities and requiring restrictions on large mass gatherings. For all of us, the health and well-being of our community comes first.

Due to the size and scale of the International Convention, the necessary contracts and work which must be started now, as well as travel arrangements, hotel availability, and Michigan’s Statewide shutdown creating more uncertainty and inability to move forward on convention production, we are called to make a decision now.

We want to share clearly that we have made this determination based on the facts available today and, most importantly, based on the sense of responsibility and genuine care we feel for all our attendees, as well as for the citizens of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada.

We have thought long and hard in these past few weeks, consulting in depth with our planning partners, staff and the Detroit community before making this decision. Our theme “Love and Tolerance is our Code” has never felt truer, nor more important in these times of uncertainty. We remain grateful for your love and support. We look forward to a large and happy gathering of our Fellowship in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2025.

While the decision to cancel our International Convention is a difficult one, it is important to remember that Alcoholics Anonymous is not a place or an event; it exists in the hearts, minds and help freely offered. A.A. groups and members across the globe continue to focus on our primary purpose of carrying a message of hope and recovery; and with our shared code of love and tolerance, may we continue for so long as we are needed.


Michele Grinberg
Chair, General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous

Please click the following link for information regarding the 2020 International Convention registration cancellation process.

7th Tradition (Online)

To make an online Individual or Group Contribution to the Ottawa Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous please visit the following pages: desktop version or mobile version:

*Important* Intergroup does not accept contributions that are intended to go to your home group.

Ideas for setting up digital baskets for your Home Group

Here is a short document outlining ideas for using Paypal for online contributions – one time or monthly subscription and/or Square for the ability to accept 7th tradition contributions via debit or credit card at your home group meetings. Click here to open the document.

Intergroup can help by posting your home group contribution link on the website for easy access by your members. If your home group has a bank account with online banking, you can set up a generic email account using your group name and set it up to accept interac etransfers.

COVID19 – Intergroup Impacts

The Intergroup Office at 211 Bronson Avenue, Suite 108 will be closed until further notice.

The online meeting list has been updated with a new Temporary Closure (TC) code. This code flows to the Meeting Guide available at the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Make sure you update your version to 3.2.1. Meetings with the temporary closure tag appear in grey font with strike-through.

*NEW* The meeting list now has clickable links to ZOOM meetings set up by Ottawa Area groups or members. Click the City/Area field, scroll to select “Online” then click “Search”.

Access the meeting list here: meetings-desktop or meetings-phone or tablet.

Other online meetings: or

Suggested resources for setting up a temporary online meeting

Meetings affected by City Facility closures until at least Apr-5th

Below is a list of meetings held at City Facilities which will be closed until at least April 5th. **See the other announcement “Meeting cancellations not listed in the City Facility Closures announcement” to view the rest of the impacted meetings**

Alexander Community Centre – 960 Silver Street
– Beyond Belief Secular Group – Thursdays @ 7 PM

Champlain Park Field House – 149 Cowley Avenue
– Awakening Group – Sundays @ 10:30 AM

Fringewood Community Centre – 14 Fringewood Drive
– Serenity at Sunrise – Saturdays @ 9 AM

Glebe Community Centre – 175 Third Avenue
– Attitude of Gratitude Women’s Group – Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM

Hintonburg Community Centre – 1064 Wellington Street West
– Rainbow – Wednesdays @ 8 PM
– B-United – Fridays @ 7:30 PM

Jack Purcell Community Centre – 320 Jack Purcell Lane
– Tuesday/Friday – Tuesdays @ 8 PM
– Beginners – Wednesdays @ 8 PM
– Tuesday/Friday – Fridays @ 8 PM

Kinburn Community Centre – 3045 Kinburn Side Road
– Kinburn Big Book – Sundays @ 8 PM

McNabb Community Centre – 180 Percy Street
– McNabb Sunday Morning – Sundays @ 11 AM
– Carry the Message – Sundays @ 6 PM
– From the Heart – Thursdays @ 8 PM

Overbrook Community Centre – 33 Quill Street
– Hand in Hand – Sundays @ 10 AM
– Renaissance – Wednesdays @ 8 PM

Queenswood Heights Community Centre – 1485 Duford Street
– Sunday Night Big Book Study Group – Sundays @ 8 PM
– Freebirds – Mondays @ 7:30 AM
– Freebirds – Wednesdays @ 7:30 AM
– Freebirds – Saturdays @ 7:30 AM

Roy G. Hobbs Community Centre – 109 Larch Crescent
– Stepping Ahead – Tuesdays @ 8:30 PM
– Orleans Hub – Thursdays @ 8:00 PM

Sandy Hill Community Centre – 250 Somerset Street East
– Je suis responsable – Saturdays @ 8 PM
– Fraternite – Sundays @ 10 AM
– Secular Sobriety Group – Tuesdays @ 7 PM

Meeting cancellations not listed in the City Facility Closures announcement

**See the other announcement “Meetings affected by City Facility closures until at least April 5th” to view the rest of the impacted meetings**

12 & 3 Discussion – Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Avenue, Fridays @ 8:30 PM

12 and 12 Lunch Bunch – Nepean Baptist Church, 135 Woodfield Drive, Tuesdays @ 12 PM

Alta Vista 12 Step Group – St. Timothy’s Church, 2400 Alta Vista Drive, Fridays @ 8 PM

Alta Vista Open Door – Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 1758 Alta Vista Drive, Fridays @ 8 PM

Aylmer Triple A – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 1, chemin Eardley, Mondays @ 7:30 PM

Barrhaven Tuesday Night – Barrhaven United Church, 3013 Jockvale Road, Tuesdays 8 PM

Beacon Hill – St. Gabriel Church, 55 Appleford Street, Tuesdays @ 8 PM

Bells Corners Big Book Discussion – Christ Church Bells Corners, 3861 Old Richmond Road, Fridays @ 7 PM

Big Book Connection – Bethany Baptist Church, 382 Centrepointe Drive, Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM

By the Book – St. Basil’s Church, 940 Rex Avenue, Fridays @ 7:30 PM

Carp Fellowship Group – Old Carp Memorial Hall, 434 Donald B. Munro Drive, Thursdays @ 8 PM

Centennial – St. Giles Church, 181 First Avenue, Saturdays @ 1 PM

Co-Founders – Glen Cairn United Church, 140 Abbeyhill Drive, Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM

Crossroads – Bells Corners United Church, 3955 Old Richmond Road, Mondays @ 7 PM

Discovering the Big Book – ONYX Community Services, 265 Montreal Road, Mondays @ 8 PM

East End – ONYX Community Services, 265 Montreal Road, Tuesdays to Fridays @ 8 PM

East End – ONYX Community Services, 265 Montreal Road, Saturdays @ 11 AM and 8 PM

Fellowship – Parkdale United Church, 429 Parkdale Avenue, Saturdays @ 8 PM

First AAvenue to Recovery – St. Giles Church, 181 First Avenue, Sundays @ 8 PM

Fourth Dimension – Cornerstone Wesleyan Church, 6556 Prince of Wales Drive, North Gower, Saturdays @ 7 PM

Freedom – Kitchissippi United Church, 630 Island Park Drive, Tuesdays @ 8 PM

Friday Night Chelsea Big Book Study Group – Mary Magdalene Church, 537 Route 105, Chelsea, Fridays @ 8 PM

Friendly Group – St. Giles Church, 181 First Avenue, Saturdays @ 11 AM

Gleaning the Big Book – City View United Church, 6 Epworth Avenue, Thursdays @ 7:30 PM

Greely Group – Parkway Church, 7275 Parkway Road, Greely, Mondays @ 7:30 PM

Hope in Recovery – Home Town Grill, 1525 Bank Street, Sundays @ 10 AM

Hull Central – Ecole secondaire de l’ile, 255 rue St-Redempteur, Hull, Mondays @ 8 PM

Hull Liberty – Paroisse Notre-Dame-de-l’ile, 115, boulevard Sacre-Coeur, Hull, Mondays @ 8 PM

Joy of Living – Aylmer United Church, 164 rue Principale, Aylmer, Wednesdays @ 8 PM

Keep it Simple – Christ Church Huntley, 3774 Carp Road, Wednesdays @ 8 PM

La Releve – Ecole Secondaire de l’ile, 255 rue St-Redempteur, Gatineau, Fridays @ 8 PM

Living Sober – ONYX Community Services, 265 Montreal Road, Sundays @ 8 PM

Loving-Kindness Meditation Meeting – Orleans United Church, 1111 Orleans Boulevard, Tuesdays @ 7 PM

Lunch with Bill – Westminster Presbyterian Church, 470 Roosevelt Avenue, Weekdays @ 12 PM

Manotick Gratitude Group – Knox Presbyterian Church, 5533 Dickinson Street, Manotick, Fridays @ 8 PM

Merivale Group – Julian of Norwich Anglican Church, 9 Rossland Avenue, Sundays at 7 PM

Morning Glory – Woodroffe United Church, 207 Woodroffe Avenue, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 10 AM

Music in Recovery – ONYX Community Services, 265 Montreal Road, Saturdays @ 12:30 PM

New Day – St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 971 Woodroffe, Daily at 7:30 AM

New Life – New Hope – Korean Community Church, 241 Bell Street North, Tuesdays @ 8 PM

Oasis – Rideau Park United Church, 2203 Alta Vista Drive, Mondays @ 8 PM

One Moment at a Time – City View United Church, 6 Epworth Avenue, Sundays @ 7 PM

Orleans Noon Meeting – Orleans United Church, 1111 Orleans Boulevard, Fridays @ 12 PM

Ottawa South – Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Avenue, Wednesdays @ 8 PM

Parkwood Hills – Parkwood Hills Presbyterian Church, 10 Chesterton Drive, Thursdays @ 8 PM

Pinecrest – Our Lady of Fatima Church, 153 Woodroffe Avenue, Mondays @ 8 PM

Queensway-Carleton – Queensway-Carleton Hospital, 3045 Baseline Road, Thursdays @ 7:30 PM

Remember When – Christ Risen Lutheran Church, 85 Leacock Drive, Mondays @ 8 PM

Richmond 11th Step – St. John the Baptist Church, 67 Fowler Street, Richmond, Sundays @ 8 PM

Saturday Morning Westboro, All Saints Church, 347 Richmond Road, Saturdays @ 11 AM

Serenity – St. Martin’s Anglican Church, 2120 Prince Charles Road, Fridays @ 8 PM

Share and Care – Royal Canadian Legion, 4026 Richmond Road, Sundays @ 10 AM

Share and Care Saturday – Royal Canadian Legion, 4026 Richmond Road, Saturdays @ 10 AM

Sisters of Sobriety – St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 971 Woodroffe Avenue, Tuesdays @ 6 PM

Step Sisters – All Saints Anglican Church, 347 Richmond Road, Fridays @ 7 PM

Stittsville Second Chance – St. Thomas Anglican Church, 1619 Main Street South, Tuesdays @ 8 PM

Sunday Morning Venture Group – Royal Canadian Legion, 389 Richmond Road, Sundays @ 9:30 AM

Sunday Night 12 Step Meeting – All Saints Church, 347 Richmond Road, Sundays @ 8 PM

Sunshine – Holy Cross Church, 685 Walkley Road, Tuesdays @ 8 PM

The H.O.P.E. Group – Trinity United Church, 1099 Maitland Avenue, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:30 PM

The Podium/Hill Group – St. Andrew’s Church, 82 Kent Street, Tuesdays to Fridays @ 12:15 PM

Uptown – Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Lisgar Street, Mondays @ 8:30 PM

Vanier Early Birds – ONYX Community Services, 265 Montreal Road, 7 days/week @ 8 AM

Vanier Happy Nooners – ONYX Community Services, 265 Montreal Road, Sundays to Fridays @ 12 PM

We Can Recover – St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 20 Young Road, Sundays @ 7 PM

Westboro Big Book Study Group, All Saints Church, 347 Richmond Road, Saturdays @ 9 AM

West End Group – St. Martin’s Church, 2120 Prince Charles Road, Thursday @ 8 PM

Willing to Change – St. Thomas Apostle Church, 2345 Alta Vista Drive, Wednesdays @ 8 PM

Women in Step – City View United Church, 6 Epworth Avenue, Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM

Meetings hosted at Correction Facilities/Treatment Centres (CFT) Suspended

With COVID-19 virus concerns, effective immediately, we will be suspending all meetings being held in the facilities that we frequent. This includes the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, the Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre (detox) and Maison Billy Buffett.

As it stands, the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre and all Provincial jails have stopped accepting visitors until further notice.

As for the Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre (detox) and Maison Billy Buffett. , it is our responsibility as AA members and good responsible corporate citizens to think of their clients. Hopefully, we will resume normal operations by April 6-2020.

Suggested resources for setting up a temporary online meeting updated

The information below (as sourced from the Washington Area Intergroup Association) is provided as a starting place to set up an online meeting for your group by using a free or a very low cost conferencing service.

To begin, it is suggested that the group conscience designate a service position to start the account, organize the distribution of the information (dial in number and code), and then host the online meeting.

It may help if the person attends one of the many existing online groups that can be found at the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous:  to get a feel for how phone meetings are run. They also have this resource with pamphlets and information:

Here are several free and low cost technologies: 

    One of the more popular sites,, is easy to use and is (as the name implies) free for a basic account.Sign up is instant and requires just an e-mail and password. You will be provided with a phone number and Access Code for immediate conferencing. Just give this number and code out to your members, they call and get connected. You will also get an Online Meeting ID for hosting meetings from their web site. It is available 24 hours a day without any reservations. Each audio conference can accommodate 1,000 callers on an unlimited number of free conference calls.

    You may access a general FAQ for the site here:

    Instructions for Hosting a Call are here:

    Instructions for Participants are here:

  2. FaceTime (iPhone)
  3. Google Hangouts (available as a Chrome app)
  4. Google Duo (Chrome, Android or Iphone app)
    Please be aware that based on shared experience – by default – Google and Apple services may display the full name of users based on the person’s profile in Google/Apple. Proceed on those platforms only after exploring whether it is appropriate for your group.
  1. (Free services include the following, but a low cost monthly subscription will remove most of these restrictions:) 
    Host up to 100 participants
    Unlimited 1-to-1 meetings
    40 mins limit on group meetings
    Unlimited number of meetings

Ottawa Area Intergroup does not endorse any of the above services and there may be others that also serve your Group’s purposes. It would be incredible service for individuals who have the time to assist other groups whose membership may not include tech savvy people who can get this going.

Please share your experiences setting up and running meetings in a short statement with and we can post them here.

Groups needed to host meetings at Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre (OWMC) (Detox)

In the spirit of rotation, some of the groups with standing commitments (once a month) are stepping down to make way for other groups to to participate in this service opportunity.

Click here to access the meeting guidelines (important) and please print them for distribution and discussion at your business meetings.

For more information, or how you or your group can get involved, contact the OWMC Coordinator via email at

All meetings held at 317 Cody have moved to 265 Montreal Road

Effective Immediately, the following meetings have moved from 317 Cody Avenue to

ONYX Community Services
265 Montreal Road, Ottawa, K1L 6C4
Side entrance, Street parking only

  • Vanier Early Birds – Daily at 8 am
  • Vanier Happy Nooners – Sunday through Friday (6 days at 12 noon
  • East End meeting – Tuesday through Saturday at 8p m and Saturdays at 11 am
  • Living Sober – Sundays at 8 pm; and
  • Discovering The Big Book – Mondays at 8 pm

Click here for a printable flyer to use for your  home group announcements