New Day’s 10th Anniversary

Open Panel – Discussion Meeting

Saturday June 9th
7:30 a.m. – Doors open at 6:30

971 Woodroffe Ave (St Paul’s Presbyterian Church)
Campbell Hall

A Panel discussion featuring early members will take place with a pot luck breakfast to follow.

Food can be dropped off in the kitchen after 6:30 a.m. on the day of the event.

Click here for a printable poster you can bring to your home group to include in announcements

Rassemblement VANIER Round-up (June 2nd)


An Alcoholics Anonymous Event with Al-Anon Participation / Un Evenement d’Alcoholics Anonyme aver la Participation d’Al-Anon

Speakers & Panels / Conferenciers et Tables Rondes

Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre, 300 Peres Blanc

Samedi, le 2 juin, 2018 / Saturday, June 2nd, 2018
12h00 / 12:00 PM

For food, financial contributions or to volunteer email / Pour faires des dons alimentaires ou financiers, our pour vous porter volontaire veuillez envoyer un courriel, a

Service Opportunity

The Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre (OWMC), known to many of us as detox, is requesting assistance from AA groups in running its nightly AA information sessions. These occur every night at 7PM. Typically a group will commit to one session per month. There will be several openings coming up in the near future and the need has never been so great.

They would also appreciate donations of Big Books and other AA literature as their supplies are running low.

The Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre is located at 1777 Montreal Road. Contact for further information. Thank you in advance for your service.

2017 Fellowship Report on Intergroup…

As we neatly tie a bow around another year at Intergroup, we wanted to share how you, “the fellowship”, thought we did this year and what you identified as Intergroup’s Opportunities and Challenges moving forward in 2018.

Click here to view the 2017 Intergroup Inventory Results

Thanks again for your input, support, dedication and indeed direction of this past year.

Wishing you and your family much Peace, Love, Friendship and Health.

2017 Board of Directors
Ottawa Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

*New!* Contributions to Intergroup can now be made by Credit Card

To make a Group Contribution via credit card to the Ottawa Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous please complete the form below and an Invoice in the amount specified for your contribution will be emailed to the address you provide.

Your contributions support the following Intergroup Functions:

  • maintain a central office with a postal address, and a telephone listing in the Ottawa-Hull telephone directory
  • maintain a telephone answering service
  • publish a meeting list
  • publish a newsletter
  • stock and sell medallions and A.A. conference approved literature
  • sponsor a spring conference
  • sponsor a fall conference known as the Eastern Ontario Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • sponsor a Sunday morning open meeting (McNabb)
  • maintain a website
  • assist and advise in the formation of new groups or meetings

New Insurance Program for AA Groups

Ottawa Area Intergroup has been successful in negotiating a Group Insurance Program for AA Groups which are part of Ottawa Area Intergroup, and we are off to a good start. Several Groups have already signed up and have saved significant money, which can now be used for other things, such as increasing donations to other levels of AA!

Many churches and other facilities require that a group provide proof of insurance coverage in order to hold their meetings.

Some facilities may offer to add your group as an additional insured on their policy in return for a fee. If this is the case, request a certificate showing that they have done so. But be aware that even if you have been provided coverage this way, it is not portable (if you move your meeting to another location, you can’t take it with you).

Coverage under this Ottawa Area Intergroup Program is fully portable, and belongs to the individual group.

The Annual Premium FOR $1,000,000 is $50. Coverage provided is as follows:

Commercial General Liability, including: Deductible Limit
1. Bodily Injury & Property Damage $1,000 $1,000,000 per occurrence/ $1,000,000 aggregate limit
2. Personal Injury $1,000,000
3. Medical Expenses $10,000
4. Tenants Legal Liability $1,000 $500,000

The Annual Premium for $2,000,000 is $100.

8% Provincial Sales Tax applies, so the payment for $1,000,000 if $54 and for $2,000,000 is $108.

Click here to download the application


Ottawa Area Intergroup
211 Bronson Avenue, Suite # 108
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 6H5