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Our Primary Purpose (May 2017)


PLEASE NOTE: Printed colour copies are available at Intergroup Office as of Saturday, May 13 while supplies last

Inside the May issue:

  • The Varieties of Religious Experience in AA
  • Buddhism in Recovery
  • Archives Corner, Shhh!
  • Finding Faith
  • An Agnostic in AA
  • Some Thoughts on God
  • Maya Angelou
  • Letter from Carl Jung
  • Intergroup Office Renovations
  • Intergroup Website Survey
  • Vanier Roundup (June 3)
  • Founders’ Day Ottawa (June 10)
  • Canadathon: How You and Your Group Can Help (July 1)
  • Group News, Service Calendar, Upcoming Events, Anniversaries and More…

Ottawa Area Intergroup Website Survey

Ottawa Area Intergroup has formed an ad-hoc website committee to review and refresh As part of this process, we are requesting feedback from our local fellowship.

As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, your input is important. Please visit to complete our survey of 12 questions to help guide our committee in meeting the needs of our members and those seeking our help.

Founders’ Day Ottawa (Jun 10)

Join us to celebrate the 82nd anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous and learn about carrying the AA message in our community and beyond. Founders’ Day commemorates the first meeting of Bill W. and Dr. Bob on June 10, 1935.

Founders‘ Day Ottawa will be held at All Saint United Church (347 Richmond Road) between 9:45 am and 3:15 pm on Saturday, June 10. It will host a series of panels and talks from various AA service committees including Corrections Facilities and Treatment, Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community, Archives and Ottawa Area Intergroup. Highlights include:


There will be a free potluck lunch served at noon. The entire event is 7th tradition.

Hosted by District 62 with District 54 and 58 participation. For more information or to make a contribution towards the potluck, please email Mike B. at

Pembroke Roundup (May 13)

Dr. Bob’s Prescription Roundup will be held on May 13 at the Knights of Columbus (170 Ellis Avenue) in Pembroke, Ontario. Hosted by District 74. Registration opens at 9:30 am, event begins at 10:30 am. 7th tradition. Tickets for dinner are $20.00. Dinner is at 5:30 pm.

For more information, please visit

Vanier Roundup (Jun 3)

The 2017 Vanier Roundup will be held on June 3, 2017 at the Vanier-Richelieu Community Centre (300 Pères-Blancs Avenue). This year’s theme is “Willingness is the Key to a Faith that Works“.

This year’s event will include speakers and panels in both French and English, a BBQ dinner, and a dance. Doors open at noon. 7th tradition, BBQ dinner is $10.00. Tickets available from committee members. English and French AA event with Al-Anon participation. Hosted by District 54.

Food donations for the hospitality area are appreciated.

For more information or to help out, please contact Kimberlee D. at

Canadathon (Jul 1)

The Canadathon is an AA Canada Day event with Al-Anon participation. The event will be held on July 1 at McNabb Community Centre and Park (180 Percy Street) from 10:00 am until midnight. 7th tradition. Rain or shine!

We are pleased to announce two speakers in service to our fellowship from across Canada. Scott H., from British Columbia, the current Canadian Regional AA Trustee-at-Large, and Lynda B., from Quebec, a current director of AA Grapevine.

There will also be all day discussion meetings in both French and English, AA Olympics for children and adults, a BBQ and potluck, an ice cream social, live music and dance, plus fun and fellowship!

Please note the outdoor BBQ and Ice Cream Social will have a nominal charge to help cover costs. 


Join us at Canadathon committee meetings held on Sundays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Bronson Centre (Room 221). Upcoming dates are April 23, May 21, June 11 and June 25. You can also sign up to volunteer by emailing A committee member will contact you!

Food Donations
The Canadathon needs food donations for our picnic in the park. Vegetable and fruit platers, sandwiches, salads, pickles and cheese, pies and deserts. PLEASE NO BBQ ITEMS. Picnic is from noon until supplies last. We expect many visitors from out of town, so your support is appreciated! Let us know what you are bringing by emailing us!

Group Contributions
There is no cost to attend the Canadathon, which is supported by 7th tradition and group contributions to cover expenses related to the rental of McNabb Comunity Centre and Park, insurance, equipment rental and supplies. All excess funds from this event will be returned to the AA felowship via contributions to Ottawa Area Intergroup and local districts.

Group contributions towards this event are appreciated. Cheques made out to “Canadathon” may be dropped of at the Intergroup Office or mailed to:
Canadathon, c/o Otawa Area Intergroup , 211 Bronson Avenue, Otawa, ON K1R 6H5

For more information, email or visit

ICYPAA (Aug 17-20)

The 59th annual International Convention of Young People in AA (ICYPAA) will be held between August 17-20 at the Hilton Chicago (720 South Michigan Avenue) in Chicago, Illinois. This year’s theme is “Limitless Expansion“.

For more information, or to register, please visit


Kingston Founders’ Day Roundup (Jun 10)

The fourth annual Kingston Founders’ Day roundup will be held on Saturday, June 10 at Crossroads United Church (690 Sir John A MacDonald Blvd) in Kingston, Ontario. This year’s theme is “Came to Believe“.

Hosted by District 36. Registration opens at 11:30 am. 7th tradition. Speakers and panels followed by BBQ dinner.

For more information, please visit


Revised Literature Price List (Jun 2016)

Click here to download revised Literature Price List for June 2016. Changes include a reduction in the price of Meeting Lists (ML-1) to $0.25 and Newcomers Packages (NC-01) to $1.25.

A limited series of popular titles from the A.A. Grapevine are also now available at Ottawa Area Intergroup Office.

New Insurance Program for AA Groups

Ottawa Area Intergroup has been successful in negotiating a Group Insurance Program for AA Groups which are part of Ottawa Area Intergroup, and we are off to a good start. Several Groups have already signed up and have saved significant money, which can now be used for other things, such as increasing donations to other levels of AA!

Many churches and other facilities require that a group provide proof of insurance coverage in order to hold their meetings.

Some facilities may offer to add your group as an additional insured on their policy in return for a fee. If this is the case, request a certificate showing that they have done so. But be aware that even if you have been provided coverage this way, it is not portable (if you move your meeting to another location, you can’t take it with you).

Coverage under this Ottawa Area Intergroup Program is fully portable, and belongs to the individual group.

The Annual Premium FOR $1,000,000 is $50. Coverage provided is as follows:

Commercial General Liability, including: Deductible Limit
1. Bodily Injury & Property Damage $1,000 $1,000,000 per occurrence/ $1,000,000 aggregate limit
2. Personal Injury $1,000,000
3. Medical Expenses $10,000
4. Tenants Legal Liability $1,000 $500,000

The Annual Premium for $2,000,000 is $100.

8% Provincial Sales Tax applies, so the payment for $1,000,000 if $54 and for $2,000,000 is $108.

Click here to download the application


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