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*New!* Contributions to Intergroup can now be made by Credit Card

To make a Group Contribution via credit card to the Ottawa Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous please complete the form below and an Invoice in the amount specified for your contribution will be emailed to the address you provide.

Your contributions support the following Intergroup Functions:

  • maintain a central office with a postal address, and a telephone listing in the Ottawa-Hull telephone directory
  • maintain a telephone answering service
  • publish a meeting list
  • publish a newsletter
  • stock and sell medallions and A.A. conference approved literature
  • sponsor a spring conference
  • sponsor a fall conference known as the Eastern Ontario Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • sponsor a Sunday morning open meeting (McNabb)
  • maintain a website
  • assist and advise in the formation of new groups or meetings

Holiday Meeting Cancellations (Dec 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st, Jan 1st)

The following meetings are cancelled:

Sunday, December 24th:
Hand in Hand – 10:00 AM – Overbrook Community Centre – 33 Quill Street
Merivale Group – 7:00 PM – Julian of Norwich Anglican Church – 9 Rossland Avenue
We Can Recover – 7:00 PM – St. Paul’s Anglican Church – 20 Young Road
Sunday Night 12 Step Meeting – 8:00 PM – All Saints Church – 347 Richmond Road

Monday, December 25th:
Women’s Group – 1:00 PM – East Gate Alliance Church – 550 Codd’s Road
12 & 12 – 8:00 PM – St. Gabriel Church – 55 Appleford Street
Maitland Step Group – 8:00 PM – St. Basil’s Church – 940 Rex Avenue
Oasis – 8:00 PM – Rideau Park United Church – 2203 Alta Vista Drive

Tuesday, December 26th
The Podium Hill Group – 12:15 PM – St. Andrew’s Church – 82 Kent Street
Sobriety Group – 7:00 PM – Sandy Hill Community Centre – 250 Somerset Street East
Beacon Hill – 8:00 PM – St. Gabriel Church – 55 Appleford Street

Sunday, December 31st:
Hand in Hand – 10:00 AM – Overbrook Community Centre – 33 Quill Street
Awakening – 10:30 AM – Champlain Park Field House – 149 Cowley Avenue **Awakening will be hosting an open speaker meeting at 12:00 PM at the Alkathon in place of the regular meeting**
We Can Recover – 7:00 PM – St. Paul’s Anglican Church – 20 Young Road

Monday, January 1st:
Women’s Group – 1:00 PM – East Gate Alliance Church – 550 Codd’s Road
12 & 12 – 8:00 PM – St. Gabriel Church – 55 Appleford Street

District 62 Open House – Pot Luck Meet & Greet – Jan-8-2018

District 62 Open House

Pot Luck Meet & Greet

January 8, 2018
6:30 PM

All Saints Church
347 Richmond Road

Parking at the rear of the church on Madison Avenue

Please bring a small dish to share followed by Annual General Service Representative Interactive Workshop
Area 83 Guest Facilitator

All Members are welcome!

Bring a Professional-PIC Information Night (Feb-12-2018)




Monday, February 12, 2018 at 6 p.m.

All-Saints Church, 347 Richmond Rd.

Members of AA – Bring your doctor, lawyer, accountant, dentist, your co-workers, any professional you know who may come into contact with someone who has a problem with alcohol or has been affected by someone’s drinking – To a special meeting aimed simply to educate professionals to what AA is, and what it is not.

Please RSVP

“Our Twelfth step – carrying the message – is the basic service that the A.A. Fellowship gives; this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence.  Therefore, A.A. is more than a set of principles; it is a society for alcoholics in action.  We must carry the message, else we ourselves can wither and those who have not been given the truth may die.”

The A.A. Service Manual “A.A.’s Legacy of Service” p. 51

CPC is supported by Ottawa Districts 54, District 58 and District 62


Alkathon 2017 (Dec 24-25, Dec 31-Jan 1)



The Alkathon provides a safe and sober environment for the new and still suffering alcoholic over Christmas and New Years

Location: Bronson Centre
Dates & times: December 24 and 25 noon to noon (24 hours)
December 31 and January 1 noon to noon (24 hours)

Visit full page for details


Grapevine Publications & Metal Chips available at the Intergroup Office

Grapevine publications, including recently added titles below are available for purchase.

– Voices of Women in AA
– 2015 Commemorative Convention Book: Happy, Joyous & Free: The Lighter Side of Sobriety

Metal chips are also now available!

Please call the office to ensure that volunteers are available to serve. If no one answers, please consider taking a shift as a volunteer by contacting

Our Primary Purpose (Jun 2017)


PLEASE NOTE: Printed colour copies are available at Intergroup Office as of Wednesday, June 21 while supplies last

Inside the June issue:

  • Meditation and Good Decisions
  • Meditation and My Recovery
  • How to Meditate
  • Archives Corner, Alkathon
  • Thoughts on Mindfulness
  • Conscious Contact
  • Artwork by Lisa K.
  • Feeling Safe in the Rooms of AA
  • Listening
  • Intergroup Website Survey
  • Canadathon Schedule (Jul 1)
  • Click here to view archived versions of the newsletter

Our Primary Purpose (May 2017)


PLEASE NOTE: Printed colour copies are available at Intergroup Office as of Saturday, May 13 while supplies last

Inside the May issue:

  • The Varieties of Religious Experience in AA
  • Buddhism in Recovery
  • Archives Corner, Shhh!
  • Finding Faith
  • An Agnostic in AA
  • Some Thoughts on God
  • Maya Angelou
  • Letter from Carl Jung
  • Intergroup Office Renovations
  • Intergroup Website Survey
  • Vanier Roundup (June 3)
  • Founders’ Day Ottawa (June 10)
  • Canadathon: How You and Your Group Can Help (July 1)
  • Group News, Service Calendar, Upcoming Events, Anniversaries and More…

Revised Literature Price List (Jun 2016)

Click here to download revised Literature Price List for June 2016. Changes include a reduction in the price of Meeting Lists (ML-1) to $0.25 and Newcomers Packages (NC-01) to $1.25.

A limited series of popular titles from the A.A. Grapevine are also now available at Ottawa Area Intergroup Office.

New Insurance Program for AA Groups

Ottawa Area Intergroup has been successful in negotiating a Group Insurance Program for AA Groups which are part of Ottawa Area Intergroup, and we are off to a good start. Several Groups have already signed up and have saved significant money, which can now be used for other things, such as increasing donations to other levels of AA!

Many churches and other facilities require that a group provide proof of insurance coverage in order to hold their meetings.

Some facilities may offer to add your group as an additional insured on their policy in return for a fee. If this is the case, request a certificate showing that they have done so. But be aware that even if you have been provided coverage this way, it is not portable (if you move your meeting to another location, you can’t take it with you).

Coverage under this Ottawa Area Intergroup Program is fully portable, and belongs to the individual group.

The Annual Premium FOR $1,000,000 is $50. Coverage provided is as follows:

Commercial General Liability, including: Deductible Limit
1. Bodily Injury & Property Damage $1,000 $1,000,000 per occurrence/ $1,000,000 aggregate limit
2. Personal Injury $1,000,000
3. Medical Expenses $10,000
4. Tenants Legal Liability $1,000 $500,000

The Annual Premium for $2,000,000 is $100.

8% Provincial Sales Tax applies, so the payment for $1,000,000 if $54 and for $2,000,000 is $108.

Click here to download the application


Ottawa Area Intergroup
211 Bronson Avenue, Suite # 108
Ottawa, Ontario
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